Bikram Yoga has had a profound effect on our physical and emotional well being. Through our own experience, we know how this style of yoga can be a positive, life changing experience.

About Us

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Susan and Michael Houghton, Owners and Teachers at Bikram Yoga Fitzroy

By 2002, when we started practicing Bikram Yoga, we were at a stage in our lives when most people would be considering plans for retirement.

Susan had worked many years as an account manager in the corporate advertising world and Michael as a chiropractor with a degree in psychology. We quickly realized Bikram Yoga was going to be a life-changing experience for us both.

In 2005, we travelled overseas to train to become certified Bikram Yoga teachers. In 2007 we purchased Bikram Yoga Fitzroy and began our journey together as teachers and studio owners.

The Bikram practice continues to have a profound positive effect upon our health and our well-being, as well as the lives of our students, who represent a remarkably wide range of ages and states of health.

Our belief in the Bikram practice is based upon the logical, predictable and repetitive nature of the class, working with the same timing and sequence minimizing possible confusion or distraction in your mind.

By working each time from gentle postures to the more complex, we help you systematically warm, open and prepare your body for each successive posture.

By working with the same heat and humidity, we accelerate and increase your potential of physical, mental and emotion change to help you achieve greater peace, health and happiness.