Yoga class Checklist

What to bring, what to wear,  what to do...

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• All classes are 90 minutes

• Bikram Yoga is designed to be accessible for  beginners

• Bookings are not necessary

• You can sign up for class on our web page, buy passes, gift certificates and promotions

• Avoid eating heavy meals up to 3 hours before class

• Drink plenty of water before class

• New students please arrive 20 minutes before your class begins

What to Bring

• A large bottle of water - you will want to drink during the class

• A thin yoga mat (or hire one of ours)

• Two bath-sized towels - one placed on your mat and the other is for a shower after class (or you can hire towels)

• Clothing appropriate for hot conditions

• Women: shorts or 3/4 tights with sports bra or singlet

• Men: shorts, with or without a singlet is okay

• An open mind to try something new!


Save time: Download and print our first time students form. Fill in your details and bring it with you.

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