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Info for first time students

Start Bikram Yoga today: 30 days of unlimited yoga classes $35

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All of our classes run for 90 minutes, follow the same sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises and are beginner-friendly.

For your first visit to Bikram Yoga Fitzroy, there is no need to book ahead.  All you need to do is to view the class timetable and select any class as your first class.  Guys, please note that Sunday 12 noon is a female only class.

As a new student we ask that you arrive at least 20 minutes before your class is scheduled to begin. This will ensure that you have plenty of time to fill in a registration form and become familiar with the studio.


On your first visit you may purchase our Intro Offer:
30 days of yoga for only $35

30 days gives you enough time to try as many classes as possible and begin to discover the unique health benefits of Bikram Yoga.

There are several things you will need: a yoga mat, two large bath towels and water to drink. One towel will be placed on your mat to catch the sweat during class. After class you may use the other towel for a shower in our changing rooms. If you need any of these items when you come in, we have yoga mats and towels for hire and drinks for sale.

Dress for hot conditions; most women wear shorts or 3/4 length tights with a singlet or sports bra, and men wear shorts with or without a singlet.

We have secure electronic lockers for hire to store your personal belongings and valuables. Small lockers are $1 and large are $2.

Before coming to class you will need to hydrate well, drinking several glasses of water before a morning class and a litre or more during the day before an afternoon/evening class. Also, please don't eat for two hours before class.

Sign up now!

1: Purchase our 30 day Intro Pass.

2: Download our first time student form. Print it, enter your details, and bring the form with you to Bikram Hot Yoga Fitzroy.

Download first time student form

Tips for your first time

Please arrive at least 20 minutes before class time.

You will need light stretchy clothing.

Drink water before class, bring water with you to class.

You will need a yoga mat and a bath-size towel.

You can buy water and other beverages at reception.

You can hire towels and mats at reception or bring your own.