Tips For First Time Students


15 days gives you enough time to try up to 10 classes

and begin to discover the unique health benefits of Bikram Yoga.

How to prepare. What to bring.

• Select any class time as your first class

• Bikram Yoga is designed to be accessible for  beginners

• Guys, please note Sunday 12 noon is a female only class

• Sign up and pay online

• Or, just turn up to register and pay in reception

• Arrive at least 15 minutes before your first class

• Hydrate well before and after class

• Avoid heavy meals at least 2 hours before class

• Bring a towel, thin yoga mat & plenty of water for class (please avoid glass bottles that may break)

• Bring a second towel if you will have a shower

• Bring your own items or hire/buy at the studio

• Wear light clothing as it is hot and humid in class

What to do. What to expect.

• Leave your shoes in reception and other personal items upstairs in the changing rooms or lockers

• Bring only your towel, mat and drinks into the class room

•  Be prepared to stay in the room for the full 90 minutes as your body will need time to become accustomed to the hot/humid environment

• Take care of yourself and if you feel uncomfortable, please sit down and rest

• It is important to BREATHE.  Holding the breath makes everything more difficult

• Remember that alignment is more important than depth

Studio etiquette

• Please remove your shoes when you come into reception and leave them under the benches.

• Please leave all your personal belongings, phones, etc. upstairs in the changing rooms or lockers.

• Bring only your yoga mat, one towel and drinks (no glass bottles) into the yoga room.

• Be prepared to stay in the yoga room for the entire 90-minute class.

• Please remain quiet while in class.

• Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions.

• Sit down and rest if you need to.

• Hang your hire mat on the back rails after class.

• At the end of class, leave the yoga room quietly.

• If showering, do so quickly to both save water and allow others a turn.

Two easy steps to get your Intro Pass!

1: Download our first time student form. Print it, enter your details, and bring the completed form with you to your first class.

2: Purchase your Intro Pass online. You will be redirected to our MINDBODY Online page.

(Alternatively, fill in a form at reception)

(Alternatively, you may pay at reception)