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Quick Facts for beginners

What to do. What to expect.

Thank you!

As a new student, please position yourself in the back of the yoga room away from the front mirrors, with your towel on top of your mat. In this position you can watch and follow the lead of the students in front of you.


Sometimes students may feel a bit overwhelmed during class.  This is a normal reaction to the hot/humid environment, so please sit down and wait for it to pass.  Your body just needs to become accustomed to the new environment as it begins to flush out toxins and open those areas that have been stagnant for years. What you will feel is just the yoga working to heal your body.


Of course, if there is an emergency, you may use the toilet just outside the studio door. Please return to the yoga room as soon as possible to prevent your body from getting chilled.


Remember to BREATHE. Holding the breath makes everything more difficult.