Yoga Class times

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Thank you!

90 minutes of therapeutic yoga. Every class. Every day.











12PM  Sunday - Women's only class




Doors Open

30 minutes before a class is scheduled to begin.


Doors Close

promptly at start of class and reopen again at the end.

      Women's Only Class


Sunday 12 noon class is a Women's Only Class,  so tell your girlfriends about this and if they have been a bit shy about coming in, well, there are no more excuses...time to get fit and get healthy now!


Sign in

Most students simply sign-in upon arrival for class. You may however, reserve your place by signing up online before you arrive. You still need to tell us your name at the front desk on arrival.

Please Arrive On Time


Our classes start at the scheduled time, which means you have to be in the studio on your mat at that time, or you may miss out.


Try to arrive about 20 minutes before the class starts to leave plenty of time for changing, going to the toilet, etc. Arriving at the studio as classes are about to commence causes delays and inconveniences many people.


We have allocated enough classes so that no one should miss out. If you can’t arrive in time - just do the next class!


Check list for Your Class


• All classes are 90 minutes long & beginner friendly

• No food for 2 hours before class

• Drink plenty of water before class

• Wear comfortable clothing

• Bring yoga mat, towel and water (all are available in the studio if needed)

• New students please arrive 20 minutes before your class begins

• Bookings are not necessary