Neighbourhood Unlimited Studio & Live Stream 7-Day Trial $29

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One of the Largest and Friendliest Yoga Spaces in Melbourne 

We have the space so waitlisting is no issue, distancing is easy.

Because we have such a large space, we can easily accommodate our students who wish to practice.  With 150 square metres of studio space, we can easily maintain ample social distancing during classes.

We Installed a Highly Efficient Air Ventilation and Filtration System

Studio Classes

Practice with peace of mind.

Our heating system incorporates dual air-exchangers that produce 8 ACPH (air changes per hour), thus providing plenty of fresh air into the practice room.

Combined with this high level of ventilation, we have an inline air-filtration unit, to further improve air quality.

In addition to the above measures, we also have a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air filter) unit in the practice room, and another HEPA air purifier unit in the reception area.

Bikram Yoga Live Stream

If you can’t make it to the studio, or you would rather practice at home, you can.

Last year, we introduced our Bikram Yoga Live class, a Live Stream, Zoom-streamed, interactive 90-minute classes, that may be practiced anywhere you have an internet connection. Our Live Stream students practice interstate, overseas, at home, in their garden, in quarantine, or just when that don’t quite have the time to come in for a studio class.

Live Stream Classes

What’s Different About Bikram Yoga?

The unique sequence + the heat   

The Bikram class adds healing heat to a traditional hatha yoga format with:

  • A slow and carefully guided movement into each posture.
  • Emphasis on alignment rather than depth. 
  • A moment of focus, breath, and stillness within each posture. 
  • And a slow and carefully guided movement out of each posture.

This style of practice allows greater control over your body, especially for those who carry recent or chronic injury.

So What Are the Benefits of Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga Is Therapy

The Original 90-minute Bikram Yoga practice remains one of the most accessible, effective and therapeutic tools in the world, to help optimise the function of every body organ system, and improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Here’s What Some of Our Students Have to Say

“…Practicing Bikram changes you on several levels. I no longer get the back pain I had. I love that I've learnt to rise above the discomfort of the heat and the challenging postures, and focus on the beauty of the activity and the immense benefits…”

- Jeanette

“I’ve been practicing Bikram Yoga for several years and visited studios all over the world. This Studio is exceptionally well managed. The classes are professionel and focused on health, the teachers and owners are very nice and helpful and the studio itself is spacious and clean. I just loved practicing here!” 

- Lawrence-Johannes

“I first tried Bikram yoga here over 10 years ago and have been a devotee ever since. Michael and Susan's studio has been a place of kindness, community, and genuine care, thanks to the teachers, students, the way things are run, and of course the yoga practice itself. I couldn't. recommend it more highly!” 

- Jess

Neighbourhood Unlimited Studio & Live Stream 7-Day Trial $29

Save $10

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