2. I felt overwhelmed in my first class, why?

  • This is not unusual. A feeling of dizziness or even slight nausea may sometimes be part of the process of acclimatising to the hot room and may also be a result of releasing toxins.
  • Sometimes this may be experienced in the first class, or it might come up in the second, third or fourth class. If this occurs, whether you are a beginner or more experienced, try kneeling down in Japanese style first. If the feelings don't pass, then lie down flat on your back. Your teacher will keep an eye on you and once you feel better and you are ready to rejoin the class, get up slowly.
  • Rest as much as you need to and always make it your goal to stay present in the room for the full 90-minute class. You don't have to complete every posture to gain benefit from this practice, but by staying in the room you will more quickly become aware of the precise sequence of postures, that is repeated in every class.
  • Ensure that you also drink plenty of water after your class.
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