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Before Class

Please arrive dressed in your practice clothing as our lockers and shower facilities are currently closed

Bikram Yoga is designed to be accessible for beginners

Select any class time as your first class

Sign up and pay online only

Arrive 15 minutes before your first class

Hydrate well before and after class

Avoid heavy meals at least 2 hours before class

Bring a towel, thin yoga mat and water for class

We currently cannot hire out mats and towels

Please avoid glass bottles as they can break

Shower facilities are currently closed so please prepare accordingly

For class, wear light weight clothing as it is hot and humid

What to do when you are in the studio:

Please remove your shoes when you come into reception and leave them under the benches

Leave your other personal belongings, phones, etc. upstairs

Bring only your yoga mat, one towel and drinks into the yoga room

Be prepared to stay in class for the entire 90-minute class to allow your body to become accustomed to the hot/humid environment

Please remain quiet while in class and listen carefully to your teacher’s instructions

Remember that alignment is more important than the depth of a posture

Take care of yourself and sit down whenever needed and rest

It is important to BREATHE as holding your breath makes everything more difficult

At the end of class, please leave quietly and respect any instructions from your teacher

Safe Practice Info
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