Bikram Yoga vs. Stress
You are the Winner

 An Interactive Zoom Workshop with Dr. Kaitlin Harkess  

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Join us for a conversation about using your Bikram yoga practice to cultivate and maintain emotional wellbeing, both during the current Covid-19 lockdown period, and beyond. 

We can ‘nerd out’ together as we discuss psychoneuroimmunology (a fancy word for our mind-body connection) and consider the evidence indicating practicing yoga can be an important tool for your emotional health.

Unfortunately, we also know that when we are stressed our self-care activities are often the first thing to go out the window. 

We know that increased levels of stress make us more vulnerable to clinical levels of anxiety, which may trigger a depressive episode. Eeek! 

We will troubleshoot this and consider the vital role of a regular Bikram Yoga practice as a means of cultivating the psychological flexibility you require to still do the things in life that are most important to you, even with the changes in routine and circumstances brought on by a sudden and prolonged lockdown.

Lockdown, and living through a pandemic generally, can be tough, and often overwhelming. 

A home Bikram Yoga practice can be a “Covid Blessing” – allowing you to grow in different ways. We will be considering your personal values, and how yoga can be used as a purposeful form of action, to show up with intention in your life. This empowering approach can help you navigate the experience of lockdown fatigue.

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.” – unknown.

While no doubt this conversation will elicit feelings of hope and empowerment, we are not just focusing on a ‘good vibes only’ approach

By the end of our conversation, alongside your yoga practice, you’ll have tools and strategies to support your mental health, as well as an awareness of the avenues, if needed, through which you may seek further support for yourself and your loved ones.

Presented by Dr. Kaitlin Harkess  
Registered Clinical Psychologist and Bikram Yoga Instructor

Dr. Kaitlan Harkess

Registered Clinical Psychologist and Bikram Yoga Instructor

Kaitlin is passionate about supporting individuals to cultivate healthful and meaningful lives. Kaitlin is particularly interested in integrative psychology approaches and has completed PhD research exploring the practice of yoga as a tool to support individuals experiencing chronic stress and symptoms of anxiety and depression. This research used an interdisciplinary approach which included exploring the inflammatory and epigenetic impact.

Kaitlin is dedicated to making the tools of psychological wellbeing accessible. As part of this effort, she hosts the weekly Wisdom for Wellbeing podcast and runs a private psychology practice in Adelaide.

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