6. What if I am pregnant?

Should I still practice Bikram Yoga When Pregnant?

In Bikram Yoga we recommend that if you are newly pregnant it is better to avoid any NEW form of exercise. If however, you have already been regularly practicing Bikram Yoga for at least a year and have an established practice, we recommend you take a break from Bikram hot yoga during the 1st trimester. This is an important developmental period for the new foetus and it is advisable to be particularly cautious with your physical activity during these first weeks of pregnancy.

During this 1st trimester, we suggest that you consider continuing a gentler practice at home with the help of Bikram's wife Rajashree's pregnancy video DVD. She will show you the necessary variations that you will need to use during your pregnancy.

After the 1st trimester, from the 2nd trimester onwards and as long as you are comfortable exercising, you may practice Rajashree's pregnancy series in the studio. We recommend that you place yourself in the "cooler" spots of the studio, like the third row or near the doors.

If your pregnancy is complicated in any way, please follow your doctor's advice.

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