Safe Practice Information

If you have any flu or cold-like symptoms, please practice Voluntary Self-Isolation until feeling better.

Face Masks are strongly recommended but not mandatory.

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Daily In-Studio and Live Stream Classes

Before Class

Online booking strongly recommended 

Cancel ASAP if you are unable to attend

Hydrate well before class

Avoid heavy meals 2 hours before class

Bring your mat or purchase one at studio

Hire towels and cold drinks available

Coming to Class

Studio opens 15 minutes before each class

Changing rooms, showers & toilets open

Maintain social distancing

Arriving At the Studio

Remove shoes 

Use hand sanitiser 

Confirm you have no Covid-19 symptoms 

Leave your personal belongings, phones, etc. in the changing room 

Maintain social distancing

In the Hot Room

Take only your mat, towel and water into the hot room

Take care of yourself and sit down if needed and rest

Maintain social distancing

After Class

Remove everything from the hot room (including tissues)

Please exit the studio ASAP so we can clean

Michael and Susan Houghton picture.

Susan and Michael Houghton,
studio owners and teachers

We will provide you with a friendly, supportive, and safe environment, for your Bikram Yoga practice. We have taken the following measures to ensure we can do this:

  • All our teachers are fully trained, certified, mentored, and highly qualified to teach the 90-minute Original Hot Yoga class.
  • Our studio hot room has an upgraded ventilation system that creates 8 ACPH (air changes per hour), combined with HEPA air purification, to ensure an adequate supply of fresh, clean, safe air during classes
  • We limit class attendance to under room capacity, to ensure each student can have adequate safe space between themselves and the other students
  • We complete a touch-point sanitization of the entire studio after each class
  • Our teachers and staff are fully vaccinated
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The Original Hot Yoga

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We are an open minded community where everybody is welcomed and treated with compassion and respect

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